Top 5 British Bloggers

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Although the UK has been on the news lately for all the wrong reasons: Brexit, brexit oh and more brexit...

But we're really not all bad, us Brits have always had a way with words and of course fashion. Being the birth place of Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood it's really not surprising that the we're home to some of the most charming fashion bloggers around.

1. Creepers & Cupcakes

kristina maggiora of creepers and cupcakes blog

Okay so I'm a little biased, Kristina is a dear friend of mine. We went to Southampton Solent Uni together and I can honestly say she is the sassiest person I've ever met in my life.

Less of that, on a more professional note Kristina is a very talented and dedicated blogger of not just fashion but beauty. Her posts are honest, witty and beautifully photographed every time. If you want pure honest articles and reviews head to her blog. What's perhaps most impressive is that although Kristina has lived in England for years, English not her first language and she's an award winning blogger - put that in your pipe and smoke it!

2. My Many Loves Blog 

My Many Loves Blog, run by Amy from Devon. I discovered Amy's blog after a very fun 'bloggers hub chat' on twitter. Her blog features honest reviews on makeup without dancing around whether a product is good or not and she writes about things people are actually interested in not just posts like 'how to do a ponytail'! 

Definitely check her out for some good honest reviews, my favourite is this one about the good and bad MUA products: Read here

3. Life of a Beauty Nerd

Written by Ellyn from London who's fairly new to blogging, Ellyn takes stunning product photos for her posts and clearly has an eye for style and and beauty. Keep it coming gurrrrrrl.

4. Nude on Broad Street

Okay so under 'style envy' in the dictionary there's a big picture of Olivia and a link to her blog. As well as being a world class fashionista, with ridiculously stunning photos, she studies at London College of Fashion - you can just tell she's one to watch.


 5. Fashion Mumblr

Okay so someone I feel is under rated has to be fashion mumblr aka Josie, her vlogs literally cover everything fashion and are a window into her beautiful life... which also features puppies and well I find it very hard to write a post without including a ridiculously cute animal so here you go people. 

I'd like to give all bloggers mentioned in this list to feature here as a guest blogger, please email: 


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