Why Opals are the best gift

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So as some of you may be aware at Christmas we featured an opalite necklace in Country Living magazine. It went down a storm with our customers and it's really not something seen on the high-street an awful lot, it's become a real obsession of mine which is why you'll see a lot of opalite/opals cropping up in the shop. 

This could just be me but opals just radiate happiness, it's the glow that lightens up the greyest of days and can be seem gleaming across a crowded room. It would be very hard for the most picky of people to turn down an opalite and it's joyful versatility making it a favourite with bloggers. 

I've just added a few opal bracelets to the shop for you, they are STUNNING...if I do say so myself. It would mean the world to me if you had a look!

Happy opal hunting!


Love from


Faith xx

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