Soladite sterling silver necklace

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This listing is for one pretty sodalite point necklace.

This beautiful stone necklace is perfect for those who love modern bohemian jewellery. The sodalite pendant is suspended on a 20 inch silver-plated chain.

The sodalite pendant measures aprox 1.25 inches in height.

Your necklace will be chosen randomly from our stock, and may or may not be one of the samples shown in the photographs. The sodalite stones vary in natural pattern and colour concentration, meaning your necklace will be unique.

SODALITE is strongly associated with communication and the throat chakra. It is believed to assist the wearer in communicating their thoughts in a calm and rational manner, as well as bringing clarity to disordered thoughts. Sodalite is thought to increase self esteem and reduce panic. It is a Sagittarius birthstone, and those who wear it often comment that their sense of intuition is increased by the energy of the stone.

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